Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What's with people turning a corner on a straight street?

Over the past few days I've been watching this Tamil movie - Anbe Sivam (un-bay, she-vum). Simply put Love is God.

Watching it over a period of time and several times in a row, various aspects of movie-making and interpretations of the movie's theme dawned.

It surely is a well-made movie. A good product with all the details taken care of - sound, nuances in acting and dialogue, screen composition, music and lyrics, a smart narrative. Well you must have realized by now that I could go on about the perfection in movie-making that Anbe Sivam epitomizes. But there's a greater cause that's tempted me to write about this movie.

To each his own.. concept of God. There have been several interpretations of the supreme power that we commonly know as God. What I liked tremendously is the expression and the concept of the supreme power. Love conquers all, right?

The power of love, the tenderness with which it bends the hardest bough and the feeling of supremacy it leaves behind though the humbling, is indeed Godliness.

Kamal Haasan - the renowned Tamil actor from South India is thought of being an aethist in his personal life. He's not just made this movie his personal propaganda to make people understand that his concept of God is, Godliness in people. There's a new looking glass for sure. For it takes as little a time to look at the goodness in people and life as it takes to look at the lack of a God in them.

Thank God for love.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Wow! A Rainbow Life

Lots has happened over the last few months. Many big and not-so-big things that I wanted to write about.

I always would think why is marriage made out to be such a big thing in one's life?! For starters, the sheer response that a wedding gets is overwhelming. I guess nothing else is this universal in its response and shared joy.

I had a wonderful time at my wedding. I met all my old and new friends and extended families. My parents' friends, my grandparents'. Uncles, aunts, cousins from across the borders and the seas, nephews and neices - wow it was super brilliant.

My host-parents came from Germany only for the wedding - which touched me a great deal. My mother's childhood friend came as well with her sons, who are very good friends of my sister and me. She was planning to come to Bangalore for the last 30 years!

The warmth, the good wishes, the feeling of celebration is all so universal and natural at a wedding. Wherever we travelled and people we spoke with on our honeymoon and while coming to his place, had the same response, the familiar 'wish you well'.

Life is effervescent in its many colours and there most certainly is a pot of gold all the way - if we only know where to look. I never realised there was such unadulterated warmth and positivity still left. It's overwhelming and very hope-reinforcing. Where does all this go in everyday life!

We always imagine a lot of things about us and the world around - but mostly when things happen, it is usually a confused mixture of dreams and forms. Thank God!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Tell me why?!

I know it's been a while since I've made an entry. Was wondering if I have run out of topics or ideas, or it must be sheer procrastination!

I finally saw Black - the movie inspired by Helen Keller. The theatre was very close to my post grad college. My friend and I were discussing that it would have been fabulous to have a good movie hall so close to the college when we were studying mass communication.

A lot of personal experiences flooded my mind when I saw Amitabh fight all odds.

What makes all the Amitabhs or the Ranis not give up on life - what makes them dream and want and still go on irrespective of the life they have?! And what makes the rest of us crib and moan and give up inspite of the life we have? Answers anybody...

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Why Oh Why!

I just can't stop being me!! Why do I speak so soon, Why?! No if I can remember right, this time I did give things that happened at break-neck speed in my life, a 'little' time before I made an observation on them.

I hadn't been to town in a looooong while. I had to catch up and meet up. So on a perfectly normal no-harm Tuesday, I decided (after a millennium of procrastination) to go to town.

Had my hair trimmed! Met friends on time - had a great time! One of my closest friends wanted to do dinner, while the rest of them spilt for the evening. Decided to treat him.

Talked on various things. Went - he to get an auto, me to get my bike. Got off the pavement to cross the road (most mundane thing to do in one's Tuesday life). Just that I couldn't get back on my feet. My friend tried to lift me onto my feet (a purely herculean task that!!). In an auto with my hands supporting up my leg, we went to a hospital.

The pain and the swelling sent several nerve-rattling messages -one of them being - 'my first fracture'. The doctor came in with my x-rays, smiled and showed me the fracture and the dislocation that was thrown in with the deal.

Wallah! me have to undergo surgery! All this for a simple twist at the tail of my leg!

Am at home in o-n-e place. I have all the time in the world to think of the events that made me start writing my blog.

More reason now -
missed my first news bulletin that I was to anchor this Friday
I have plays lined up - after a two-year gap
I can proudly say I know what it is to break a leg
I have been unconscious out of my own free will
I am self-sufficient (read as I don't need any help in doing things that'll make me put my foot in my mouth)

Oh the viciousness of the circle.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Wishes... whew!

There are so many things that have happened in such a short span that it's actually getting dizzy! The merry-go-round of life is spinning so hard that am not sure if it's plain merry any more. Haven't even had the time to gasp!

Strange - first you want life to move on - things to happen - something to look forward to... and when things happen at mind boggling speed, you want time - let them happen slowly so that you can grasp it, relish it or crib.

The clarity that comes with psychotic worry that life is not moving in the direction you want - disappears when things begin to work.

Careful what you wish for, for you might actually get it!

Monday, January 10, 2005

test test

hello hello... one two three!!!